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Big Bad Bodie

bodie ghost town

Inside a ghost town house

Bodie is a ghost town, California’s biggest, near Mono Lake. It’s one of my favorite places to go in the state.

After you get off the highway, you’ll get to experience a bumpy ride on treacherous rock roads for about half an hour.

While the exterior of the buildings of Bodie are fascinating, the interiors are more so. Most don’t get decent images through the windows. I managed to get sharp shots of the interiors by using a tripod as a monopod and placing my camera’s lens directly against the glass.

The furnishings inside the house are straight from the mid 1800s, a time when prospectors where hot for gold.
Bodie was the place to get it, and more than 10,000 went there.

The town busted a few years on, becoming vacated quickly with everything left in place.

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