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Five Best Cameras Ever

1. Ken Rockwell has written that the Leica M9 is the best camera in the world. With its hand-made German craftsmanship, its 18 MP full-frame sensor and it’s compact size, it’s the carry around every photographer should have. The only barrier to buying it is its price–a whooping seven grand.

2. Canon did good when it came out with the 5D Mark II. Hollywood has taken an affection to the video capabilities of the camera, shooting movies and TV shows with it. Its 21 MP full-frame sensor will catch every detail, perfect for blowing up images to billboard size. It’s reasonable priced at two-and-a-half grand.

3. If you don’t know what a mirrorless camera is, it’s a smaller version of a dSLR that is configured like a point-and-shot, but has a much larger sensor for getting very compelling shots. The most popular model is the Sony Alpha. The camera shoots as good as an entry dSLR except it has no mirrors so both the camera body and the interchangable lenses are much smaller. Reasonably priced at a several hundred dollars this is the new camera for those who want more than just a point-and-shoot and something smaller than a dSLR.

4. PC World rated the Canon PowerShot S95 as the best point-and-shoot that there is. It has manual controls so amateurs can get professional looking shots with the turn of the dial and a bit of knowledge about f/stops and shutter speeds. This camera is about three hundred-fifty bucks.

5. Chase Jarvis has been quoted over and over again, saying that the best camera is the one with you, which would most likely be your cell phone. iPhones are more popular than ever and everyone is waiting in anticipation for the new iPhone 5 to come out. Androids are not so bad either.

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