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The Raspberry in Seattle

Here I am in Seattle, the coffee capital of the world. To be sure, I’ve been drinking lots of coffee at dozens of coffees shops without the name Starbucks. They’re cool, hip, fun and groovy–filled with tasty pastries, cookies and muffins that many make right on the premises.

Aside from coffee, the Northwest is a berry and cherry heaven. The fruit is freshly picked, plump and juicy, bursting with flavor upon the first bite with an aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

Right now, the raspberry is king. It’s raspberry season. Unlike the blackberry, which will harvest in September and which grows wild everywhere, the raspberry grows only on farms.

You’d think all this fruit would be cheap, but it’s rather pricey, kind of an eyebrow raiser when you pay $4 for a small carton of raspberries and $12 for a large bag of cherries.

I only wish I could be here in September to meander around the city picking and eating fresh blackberries, which grow on thorny vines in every nook and cranny of the city.

This close-up of a raspberry was taken in a community garden while on a walk thorough the Greenwood part of the city, the neighborhood I like best.

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