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Bienvendio a Miami–a New Novel

Six years ago I wrote a novel in which I developed a main character from a series of photographs of myself at different ages. I thought of unusual situations the character would encounter at each age. I took the situations and created a series of characters who would be involved in some way in each one. Then, I strung the situations together in a fictional coming-of-age story.

On August 19, 2011, the book, Bienvenido a Miami, was published on Amazon.

Photography and writing go hand-in-hand. Writers have to develop images for their readers to visualize.

After writing a book, I had to come up with a cover. That’s the picture you see on the left. It was taken in Latvia.

As for the book–it’s only $4.99 on Amazon. Pick up a copy and you’ll be instantly involved with a page-turner.

In order to read a Kindle book on your computer, you have to download it first (it’s free). Click on the link to download the application. There’s one for PCs and one for Macs.

Kindle for PC
Kindle for Mac

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