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iPhone to Have 8 MP Camera

A Steichen photo.

Edward Steichen said, “No photographer is as good as the simplest camera.” What do you think he meant by that? Please respond in the Comments section below.

Speaking of simple cameras, it’s a long-standing rumor that Apple’s iphone 5 will have an 8MP camera. I was notified yesterday that I’ll be writing a second edition of Killer Photos with your iPhone beginning next month. Greg Ketcham and Kris Krug will be authoring the book with me.

You can bet as soon as the new iPhone comes out I’ll buy one because I need it to write and illustrate the book.

Smart phone cameras are slowly taking over point-and-shoot market share because as Chase Jarvis says, those are the cameras that are likely to be with you.

Cell Phone Cameras Rule

Chase Jarvis book of iPhone photographs has that thought as a title for one of his books: “The Best Camera Is the One That’s With You.” The title of that book has become somewhat of catch-phrase for the state of photography as we enter the second decade of the 21st century.

It describes the rise of the cell phone as the primary way people use to take photographs. This kind of attitude can’t be good for the future of the point-and-shoot camera. Although today the point-and-shoot does a better job of taking good pictures than a cell-phone camera does, it isn’t the camera that you’re likely to have with you all the time.

The cell phone camera is catching up technologically with the point-and-shoots. The latest iPhone camera is rumored to have 8 MP. Each iPhone camera model has had a higher megapixel count and more recent models has a flash, which elevates its effectiveness to that of the point-and-shoot camera of three years ago.

Cell-phones cameras have come a long way from being an small extra feature of a mobile device.

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