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Making Avatars

An avatar is the image or text at the top of a website or blog. In order for either of those to be attractive, your image should be longer horizontally than vertically, like the image you see above. To get an image like this you can crop one of your better images in the middle to test it to see if it works for you as an avatar.

In order to get this image, I had to go through about 10 photos, many of which did not work well when cropped in the top, bottom or middle.

After you crop your image you need to resize it. You can test its size by changing the dimensions in the HTML coding in your blog or website template. In my blog Digital Traveler, I had to experiment with the height and width to get the image to look right in the window.

After you’ve got an image to fit in the window, you can update it by adding text using an image processing program like Photoshop.

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