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Minnesota Twins

identical twins

Identical twins in Minneapolis restaurant.

When I walk around taking candid pictures these days it’s been very easy for me to get compelling shots. I’ll walk into a restaurant or coffee shop and people actually ask me to take their picture.

It doesn’t hurt that I carry around a Canon 5D (not the Mark II, unfortunately) with a high-end Canon L series 24-105 mm lens. People look at my camera and either want to get in a conversation with me about photography or want their picture taken.

I was at the airport waiting for a plane and I got in a conversation with a young woman about photography, and she ended up showing me her images from China, which were very compelling.

When I was in Minneapolis, I was hit by four people who wanted me to take their picture. Two of them were twins. That’s who you see in the picture.

Pictures of twins are like gold to me.

Question: When you carry around a high-end camera, do you have people come up to you, asking to take their picture?

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