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Where to Photograph Celebrities

I thought this guy was famous.

Many people wonder where to photography celebrities in Los Angeles. I found out the scoop while I was at the Fourth Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I was photographing the guy you see above, thinking he was a celebrity when I ran into a young guy from TMZ. We talked for awhile and indicated to me this guy was a nobody.

He let me know that the guy (with the cigar) was interviewing street performers while his pals were videotaping the interviews.

In addition, he told me that movie stars and celebrities do walk around the Fourth Street Promenade, and that this was the place where they could be more casual.

For real photo ops, he indicated that I should go to Brentwood or Malibu. Yes, these places were tony and stuffy, but that’s where many celebrities like Harrison Ford and Reese Witherspoon dine.

Hope to catch some there.

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