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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Holiday Greetings

I’m always thinking retro. That’s what I do. Today’s retro thought of the day is about greeting cards. This year I’m thinking about clever ways to send holiday greetings. I never thought that this holiday sign could be used as a Christmas card until one of my editors bought a print, telling me that he […]


Is this HDR? Not…it’s a photo overtweaked in Photoshop Raw. It’s easy to do; just play with the sliders. HDR is a funny animal that many overdo. It’s a process of putting three images of different exposures together to take the details in the shadowy, dark areas of the overexposed photo, the midtones in the […]

Rock Climbing Photography

Now here’s something you’ll never catch me doing–rock climbing. Makes you wonder how many people fall. People do fall, mostly because they are either overconfident or careless. Bad luck can have something to do with it, too. All Climbing reports that the British government compared risks of various situations, and rock climbing has a death […]

Robert Bourdeau

Canadian photographer Robert Bourdeau has concluded that there are very few great photographs. He divides compelling photos into admirable and wonderful saying that the photo must “evoke emotion within the viewer and photographer.” Over the years, Bourdeau (who is 79) has produced some fairly raw images of symmetrical industrial pipes, abandoned property and skyless landscapes. […]