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christmas cards

The perfect holiday greeting.

I’m always thinking retro. That’s what I do. Today’s retro thought of the day is about greeting cards. This year I’m thinking about clever ways to send holiday greetings. I never thought that this holiday sign could be used as a Christmas card until one of my editors bought a print, telling me that he was thinking about putting it on the Christmas issue of his magazine.

I have to say I’m addicted to signs. The text and image juxtaposition are always intriguing. The colors, such as those in the picture above, look surreal. Sending holiday greetings is something I plan to do this year.

I’m going to buy 30 of these cards and go to work soon, sending these holiday greetings so they get to my friends well before Christmas.

These are the type of Christmas cards that people won’t throw away, an eternal keepsake for those you have on your mind during the holidays.

What’s more, is that I’m selling these holiday greetings. That’s right, you can greet your friends with a retro flare. How fun is that? Happy Christmas card writing!

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