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CyberMonday Art Sale

I never thought even in my wildest dreams, I’d be a salesperson. What a job! As a working artist and author, I’ve got dozens of links to what I sell.

So, do I sell anything? Yes, I do. Some days are better than others. The competition is keen. I’ve got to compete with other photographers and with corporate entities.

Today is the first time my work has been offered at a discounted price. Thanks to ImageKind for that.

As an author of photography books for beginning photographers and photographer of just about everything, I only wish I had more time to put all I want out there.

This CyberMonday, think about the salesperson. You don’t see him/her online but behind every image and book you buy, there’s a salesperson smiling, glad you are at his/her website, amazon page, fineartamerica gallery, publisher and all the places where there is an individual working person who’s worked long hours to come up with stuff you can buy.

The image above is one of thousands that I’d like to put out there, but have been too busy writing two new books. Check out and preorder Beginning HDR Photography and Photography Applications for Cloud Computing, the first books out on those subjects.

Have fun shopping the CyberMonday sales!

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