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A Hollywood and Highland Christmas

Christmas Tree in Hollywood and Highland Center

If you want action night and day, love stimulation and enjoy watching street performers, you’ll love Hollywood and Highland Center. Kodak Theater, the home of the Academy Awards makes its home here, so that once a year, you’ll see every celebrity in their Sunday best. Humming with the sounds of Christmas, this shopping center is the place to be when you visit LA.

Mind you, the place isn’t perfect. Even though the center is new, the surrounding neighborhood is still a bit on the rough side, but that makes it all the more entertaining–offbeat people dressed as superheroes among scattered LA street-smart characters, offbeat, studded with rings, tattoos and tank tops.

Your camera will turn into a magnet, snapping the facial expressions of the crowd watching the break dancers, filming oddly dressed woman who don’t realize that plaids don’t match stripes and hair floating in a sea of tangles. Oh, yes, the conversations they have with themselves give their face a whimsical animated look.

Last, there are the tourists looking down as they walk. They mumble names like Jack Benny, Soupy Sales and Meryl Streep, their voices rising with enthusiasm when they see the name of their most beloved stars inside a star of gold embedded into the sidewalk.

They bend down when the reach when they reach Grauman’s Chinese, placing their hands in the hands of a group of stars inside what seemingly look like miniatures, stunned voices saying, “…but she had such small hands.”

Come…walk up the stairs of the open mall playing a Hollywood guessing game that gives clues of stars’ significant achievements, many so difficult that you’ll never know the answer. Pass the giant Christmas tree whose bulbs glitter in the sun, and …finally, hit the concrete couch, lay down uncomfortably to view the famous HOLLYWOOD sign.

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