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PopPhoto Photography Contest–“Ruins”

Bodie is a photographer's ghost town paradise.

PopPhoto’s having a “Ruins” photography contest. For me, it’s a great subject matter, as I’ve got hundreds of photographs of abandoned properties in the American Southwest.

I’ve been thinking of submitting one of Bodie, although I’d imagine that there will be many people uploading their ghost town photographs to enter them in the contest.

My second though is to upload my photographs of the old Biltmore Hotel in Palm Springs. Just before it was torn down (there’s a new Biltmore there now), I jumped the fence with another photographer/historian and photographed empty swimming pools, trashed rooms and a long, curved brick wall that sloped inward, snaking across the property.

What kind of “ruins” photographs do you have? Would you consider submitting some of your photographs for the contest to the PopPhoto website?

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