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Sony NEX 7 Pricier than Expected

This could be the best camera of the 21st Century

The dpreview review of the coveted Sony NEX 7 has just been published.

At around $2000 camera’s price is steep–more than that of an entry-level dSLR (many around $600). You may question whether it’s worth it or not. The NEX 7 model is geared for experienced photographers and advanced hobbiests who want a large sensor (APS-C) on a small camera with a small, lightweight lens (there are many to choose from as this camera accepts interchangeable lenses).

The release date hasn’t been announced because production was delayed by the Thai floods. I read from Sony that it’s to come out this month, but who knows. There are lots of people anticipating the camera’s arrival to the marketplace.

As soon as the camera comes out, I’ll post the Amazon link if you are considering purchasing it.

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