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What is HDR?

Getty Villa in HDR

HDR photography can range from making an image have more detail to a fascinating (well, to some people) array of color and light.

I shot this image at the Getty Villa in Malibu. Great place to visit if you haven’t ever been there–filled with antiquities and paintings from centuries past.

This shot was handheld using AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing), a mode that you set in the menu of most dSLR cameras to make the camera takes three images of different exposures in rapid succession. When I took the images I had to keep my finger pressed on the shutter release until the camera finished taking the three pictures.

This image was processed in Photomatrix Pro. After I finished correcting ghosting in the program by circling the moving figures, which turn from unidentifiable blurs to real people (see image), the image processed the photos by merging them with a complex algorithm.

When the photo finished processing in the program, it appeared to not be all that extraordinary. I really didn’t like it so I decided to go all the way and overprocess.

While I try to work with the details when making HDR photography more realistic, I went with the Grunge selection by clicking a thumbnail at the bottom of the window from a selection of thumbnail choices.

Grunge is the selection that makes the most changes when merging the photos. It’s probably also the type of photo that many people criticize as being overprocessed, thinking that all HDR photos are like this.

HDR photos can vary from having enhanced details to looking like a painting. You can choose what you like and then tweak it using sliders or a curve.

Do you think there is any artistry to this? Write your comment here.

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