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Monthly Archives: January 2012

This, my friends, is a 32 bit image as it looks on my monitor. You see, my monitor can’t handle all the information that a 32-bit photo contains. As a matter of fact, your monitor couldn’t handle it either. No monitor can that’s build for consumers today. Another thing: In order for an image to […]

How Long Does Carbonite Take to Back-up?

If you go to the Carbonite site you’ll find that it can back-up a few gigabytes a day. This is true with your average high speed connection, as I’ve tested it. Remember, too, that how fast you upload depends on how long you’ve got Carbonite shut off or paused. Your computer must be on and […]

Ten Celebrity Photography Tips

Celebrity photography at events can be tricky. You have to think way ahead of time in order to get good photographs. I pondered how I would photograph James Franco at the Palm Springs International Film Festival screening of Sal, a movie he directed. This post is specifically for event photography. I was surprised that I […]

Sad News in Rancho Mirage

A sad day for Rancho Mirage, California. The building in which the restaurant Gigi’s was located burned today and cannot be saved. The building’s curves hugged the ground, much of it tucked underground. The landmark structure, designed by Kendrick Kellogg in 1978, was identified by architectural buffs as “modern organic.” I shot the building awhile […]