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How Long Does Carbonite Take to Back-up?

How long for Carbonite to back-up

Carbonite takes a long time to perform a complete back-up, but it's worth the time and the money.

If you go to the Carbonite site you’ll find that it can back-up a few gigabytes a day. This is true with your average high speed connection, as I’ve tested it. Remember, too, that how fast you upload depends on how long you’ve got Carbonite shut off or paused.

Your computer must be on and connected to the Internet. If you put your computer to sleep or it goes to sleep automatically, Carbonite is still working.

So, you might be wondering how long it takes to upload a couple of hundred gigs, as I was before I did it. Well…it takes a long time…many weeks. They warn you that if you’re backing up more than 50 gigs, it gets slow, but after doing it I didn’t notice much difference after it backed-up that much.

I had over 200 gigs to back-up (see picture). It took 10 weeks–that’s 2 1/2 months. To be sure that is a very long time, but it’s done now.

I can’t lose. For $59 I backed-up a heap of images, full-size Raw images at that. Since my last external hard drive crashed and I lost 40,0000 images, I am so relieved to have all my new images backed up online.

This is no advertisement for Carbonite. I just finished writing about my experiences with photography in the cloud. This book is incredible (if I don’t say so myself : ) If you are thinking about putting your data “up there,” I’ve tried them all (Mozy, Dropbox, etc…) and have given step-by-step directions for using each.

In the book, you’ll also find out which online image editor does not resize your image (and many more cloud secrets). There is one (and only one) that keeps a 10 MB Jpeg file 10 MB. No resizing.

Check out Photography Applications for Cloud Computing.

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