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How to Publish a Book Post by Post and Make Money Doing It

Take a screen shot of images in your book.

For years, I have had a detailed book proposal with chapter forwards about signage of the 20th century. It’s been in my external hard drive for years wasting away. I created a blog to support it at Blogger.

I had no intention of posting any part of the book because I thought I would be able to sell it to a publisher, but that didn’t happen.

One day an idea came to me–why not put my book forwards on the blog so the blog has more text, thus receiving more hits. I didn’t do it because I couldn’t put it up in the right order.

Another day, another idea came to me–I can put it in the right order if I start with the end first. So that’s what I’ve started to do.

I wanted images to go with the posts in the same way I had set it up in Microsoft Word. A third idea came to me. I can reproduce the images exactly as they are by taking a screenshot of the document as shown in the image above.

While the book is going up backwards, my visitors can read some or many posts to get samples before being able to read the whole book when I’m finished.

It’s beginning to work. My hits are increasing, more people are clicking on the ads and I’ve started to get comments on it, all with no work writing new posts for the blog (the work obviously has already been done). More money will be made in the future because now I have enough text to get me some in-text link ads.

To be sure, I won’t make millions, not even hundreds of dollars, but every little bit helps.

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