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Beginning HDR

HDR photograph of people in Romania.

You often hear that including moving subjects/objects in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography doesn’t work out because when you combine the several images of different exposures, the people will show movement blur, or what photographers refer to as “ghosting.”

If you’ve never made an HDR photograph that would make a lot of sense. What you might not know that most HDR software, the software that combines images of different exposures, has “deghosting” options that do an excellent job of aligning subjects/objects. That is why you see the people in the above HDR photograph sharp.

Come to think of it, HDR photographs of people can be some of the most compelling HDR work you can make. The best software to use, I think, is Photomatix, and the best book to learn if you don’t quite know what HDR is, is “Beginning HDR Photography” by Matthew Bamberg. Check it out. It’s due out in May.

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