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Flower Power

Most photographers who sell their work know what the most important aspect of their collection should have–multiple photographs with the same theme.

I’ve been developing two themes of late:

1. Flowers with Complementary Color Backgrounds

2. HDR Photographs of Paris Cafes

I learned that those two themes, however trite they may seem to be, are immensely popular among interior decorators and the much of the general public.

How did I learn something like that? Well, I put my work by themes on fineartamerica.com. If a photo with a certain theme sells, I know I’ve come up with a good idea and that other photographs similar to it and/or match it also will sell.

This past month I’ve sold an HDR photograph of Cafe Flore in Paris and a flower with a complementary color gradient background.

This is a new approach for me. Just as Helen Levitt didn’t really like children (she photographed many famous pieces in the middle of the last century despite that), I don’t like flowers. I never have.

As I photograph more of them and experiment with their colors, they are no longer flowers to me, just large amorphous designs as the one pictured above.

The public, however, will look at this in a different way that I do. To them it’s a beautiful orchid.

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