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Golden Age of Text and Image

1980s feminist art and photography

Text and image art at the Pompidou in Paris

If you can remember the 1980s, then you probably recall how popular text and image art. I like to call it the art form’s Golden Age.

In May, 2012, Google paid tribute to Keith Haring on with text and image manipulation with the word “Google” on their home page. If I were to name a leader of the movement, it would have to be him.

He wasn’t the only top artist who was part of the text and image movement, though. The 1980s feminist movement adopted text and image art to move their political message forward from the earlier Betty Friedman Feminine Mystique days, which had women questioning the value of their roles as wives and mothers.

The Guerrilla Girls looked closely at the world of fine art, finding that women in the field were marginalized. They used bold graphics with photographs to let curators, museum directors and art collectors know that women had been underrepresented in the art world throughout history and that they would press the matter through their own art. That group formed in 1985.

Today their work is frequently seen in modern art museums and has become an important part of art history. The text and image art from the era is still popular in Europe, from Keith Haring’s artful graffiti to the Guerrilla Girls strong messages about women artists’ place in the art world.

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