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Do tattoos reveal personality?

The subject of tattoos can evoke strong feelings in many people. It’s a black and white issue, basically. Generally people are either like them or they don’t.

The world of tattoo art is a complex maze of text and image from the number of possible tattoo fonts you can get inked into your skin to the vast array of images (many controversial) that are intended to reveal the tattoo recipient’s attitude, demeanor and mood.

Decades ago, tattoos were the province of seamen and the like who took to the water and landed in Asian ports where tattoo artists were abundant. Then there was Popeye who was proudly branded with an anchor on each swollen forearm, a kind of strength-of-the-sea marking taking the tattoo from the bad boys to the good ones.

It wasn’t until 1995 when a tattoo art exhibition introduced tattoos as a kind of new media, an incipient world of the “naughty” brought to life that would soon drift from the gay subculture in inner cities to the youth in the suburbs. The show, “Pierced Hearts and True Love: A Century of Drawings for Tattoos,” brought the finely detailed drawings to the yuppie world.

Closely following tattoo chic came the male earring, first on one ear then, many years later, placed anywhere on the body as decorative art of both sexes, giving new direction to jewelers who now craft everything from belly rings to silver metal attached to the tongue.

Envision the future. What kind of new body art/jewelry can we expect next?

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