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“G_d” and “LOVE” text in photo of LA Street Fair scene.

Since Google declared today as Keith Haring Day, I’ve devoted two blogs to the topic, this one and the Digital Traveler.

Keith Haring was not only known for his wild and wonderful graffiti art. He was also an innovator in the art of text and image.

Take a look at this political poster about apartheid, which was the mandated segregation in South Africa from the 1940s to the 1990s. It shows how Haring matches text and image to make a political statement.

You can do this in your photography if you have a careful eye. In the picture above, I’ve integrated two hot topics–G_d and sex. I intended to isolate the text in the scene to capture  a combination of the words G_d and love as it’s associated with sex.

Little did I know that the shirts didn’t say “G_d.” The word on the shirts was “Good.” Both t-shirts had the same part folded so that the  second  “o” was covered up by the fold.

Photography surprises can lead to Keith Haring-type photo ops of text and image.

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