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Unique Text Effect

Text that looks like its moving.

A text effect shot with a camera.

Did you know you can manipulate text with your camera? Check out the example of manipulating text in the image above, which was shot in one of Disneyland’s attractions. When I was shooting the image, my guess is you can guess what happened…the wall moved!

Since the wall moved while my shutter was open the text blurred, giving the effect of a wall moving to the text itself. Think about other ways you can do this with found text (text that you find in street photography).

To be sure, you can find all kinds of unique and/or offbeat text. When you actually have the text configured so that it is describing what it is saying, you’ve taken your art to the next level. You not only have found text, which can be fascinating in and of itself, you also have the text mimicking an object, subject or action.

It’s a lot easier to make text effects in Photoshop that are similar to this example because you have complete control over the text. For example, you can make “fat text” fat by manipulating a couple of font options.

It’s much harder to manipulate found text because you have to have a keen eye to find an expression that you can create an effect with and because in-camera effects are very limited.

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