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10 Reasons to Buy a Self-Published eBook–What’s in it for the Reader?

Self-published books can be page-turners.

eBooks. They’re all the latest craze for most of the devices we use to run our lives–the Nook, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android and so on.

eBooks are filled with text and some have many images. Why would you want to buy an eBook that has not been vetted by a published, nor edited by a professional?

I can tell you why. I’ve written and published an eBook. It’s not a photography book like the other 10 books I’ve had published, but it’s a novel. Yes, that’s right–a novel.

This novel–Bienvendio a Miami–took me years to write and edit. To be sure, it hasn’t been vetted by a publisher nor edited by a professional (other than me).

My point is that this book, like many other eBooks, it took a great deal of time and emotions to write a piece of fiction. You have to tap into your innermost feelings and come up with words that will make people turn pages and not set it aside.

I’ve done most of the things the experts tell you when you self-publish a book–edit it for spelling and grammar errors, not to mention sentence structure and usage, and format it according to Amazon specs. Lots of work.

But work isn’t the point. The point is that the content of the novel is as good as any other you’ll read from the big corporate publishing houses, only the topic and content might not be what they want. I don’t know as a publisher has never seen the book.

What I do know is my friends liked it. They couldn’t put it down. It tells a story of growing up that many people can relate to. The dialog according to one friend, “is incredible.”

Enough said. Here are 10 reasons to buy a self-published novel:

1. It’ll be different, not a hashed out plot that, much of the time, is so convoluted that you’ve got to skip reading it all together.
2. It’s cheap (or free).
3. You get what the author wanted to write, not some stripped-down version.
4. It tells a story that the author feels should be published. So they publish it themselves.
5. If an author has the gumption to write and edit 250 pages or more, he/she has something to say.
6. It could be so “bad” that it’s “good.”
7. Book is free from the constraints and limits that publishers must leave in-tact to satisfy their corporate boards.
8. The content isn’t judged by a person who reads hundreds of manuscripts a year and probably can’t distinguish good from bad anymore.
9. Book is readable. How many published books are so boring that you fall asleep reading them?
10. It’s no more likely to be a bad book than one that is published. You roll the dice on any book you buy.

Back to text and image…the cover for my book was taken in Latvia. Why in the world would someone in a Baltic state stencil “Bienvenido a Miami” on a wall? There are some things in life you’ll never be able to figure out.

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