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Among Clutter Lies Compelling Text and Image

Store signs in New York City

Clutter is the essence of revelation.

What you see around you in the big city can be very revealing about culture. As a photographer who is fond of shooting signage, I normally think that the more text in an image, the more that is revealed about a place. Under many circumstances I regret not taking more time looking at a scene. Consider what happens when you look at each part of the image and find that within your fame something notable can be found. Many times there will be part of an image that you wished you had zoomed in and framed because you find out that part of the image is more compelling than what you shot.

Does the guy in the poster need a haircut or what?

If you look inside the window of the barber shop in the large image above, you’ll see a poster of Albert Einstein, which is cropped for you to see on the left. In this part of the image, you can also see the barber at the bottom right corner of the window. The text “BARBER SHOP” combined with the Einstein image can have many connotations.
Questions about the choice of wall art for this particular barber shop can leave you with a smile if you make an attempt to answer them. Do you think the barber knows who Albert Einstein is?
What message does the text and image purvey?
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