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Self Expression and T-Shirt Art

Give me a reason to get out of bed.

Text on a t-shirt is a form of self-expression.

Text on a t-shirt

T-shirt text and image on street.

Street photography can involve looking for text on people’s t-shirts. T-shirt art expands through all the creative art fields from graphics to photography.

T-shirts became popular in the days of Marlon Brando and James Dean when they took the risque move of donning the then-undergarments on the big screen. People at the time were shocked when men wore so little. Back then the t’s were tight and light, size one-half, I like to say and left little of the men’s torso to the imagination.

Text and image on t’s came about in the 1940s when the Dewey-Truman presidential race heated up. “Dew-It with Dewey,” was one of the first slogans to appear on a t-shirt. It’s displayed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

Today t’s can range from loose fitting to snug, made with much heaver material and often plastered with text, images and/or photography. The text and image you see on t-shirts today would probably cause people back in the Dewey days to pass out.

In the images above, you see two shots–one of the front of a t, and the other of the back of a t. As you can see the text reveals Western societies trend toward liberated expression. Both images were taken in Mexico City.



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