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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Between the Conventions

Perhaps you remember the period of history called “Between the Wars.” At the time Bauhaus was the trendy art word, defining the a change of thinking in design in a new era where the masses wanted more than messy Expressionism–a sleek, modern design that would define a new age. Fast forward to 2012 election, the […]

King Clock

King Clock rules our lives. It’s a dimension that baffles scientists and ignites the aging process. It’s what controls life on earth. Humans have set up time with respect to astronomical constants, which have been nailed down with utmost certainty. Meteorologists predict the weather using time as a variable, flipping dimension from three-space to four. […]

Do not disturb occupants.

Do not disturb occupants. On Oct. 11, 1965 an episode of Hazel was appropriately named “Do Not Disturb Occupants.” Yes, I know that might be too much trivia for you, but consider that the phrase “do not disturb occupants” is a sign you see often, most often on the doors of a house for sale. […]

Typewriter Text

Here’s some valuable advice about taking pictures. If you see something, best to take the picture the way it is at that moment before you fool around with it. In the picture above, I wanted to take out the paper so that the typewriter would be by itself. It didn’t work out that way because […]