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Between the Conventions

Obama "Hope" sign in window in Venice, California

Has “HOPE” lost its meaning?

Perhaps you remember the period of history called “Between the Wars.” At the time Bauhaus was the trendy art word, defining the a change of thinking in design in a new era where the masses wanted more than messy Expressionism–a sleek, modern design that would define a new age.

Fast forward to 2012 election, the short time (a weekend) between the Republican and Democratic conventions–messy politics amid battling sides making an effort to define themselves.

On one side is the question: What happened to “Hope?” On the other is: What’s happened to “make my day?”

The decision today seems to come down to  a contrast between rich gated communities of innovators among a background of poverty and pain verses an egalitarian society of mediocrity.

Or does it?


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