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Juxtaposition of Text and Image

There’s one topic that’s rarely discussed in photography–showing the details in text, color and shape.

Rarely would people notice a collection of bottle caps such as this. When you see this type of art, it brings forth a realization that people often don’t pay much attention to the tiny details we see in our daily lives.

This is a special aspect of photography that I (and many other photographers) think is one of the joys of the craft. Photography gets people to notice things they’d often overlook.

The tiny text on the top of some of the bottle caps in this image is shown in a sharp photograph that integrates color, text and shape (circles) into the frame.

The image gets you to notice that some of the bottle caps are right side up and others are not. This fact makes the image more random, as if the caps were thrown there by people who drank sodas in the vicinity where the image was taken.

To be fair, this image was taken in San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico. It is found art, originally created by an artist. I know this because it is part of a set of images of a house made of mud and bottles. The artist took the caps and made the arrangement you see in the image.

The piece of art is pretty incredible as it rests on the grassy side of a mountain staircase that leads to a church and park at the top.

My guess is the person who made this outdoor art installation wanted to include the caps as part of the work.

Mexico is filled with similar types photo ops that emphasize the juxtaposition of text and image.

Finally, this type of image gets the viewer of it to ponder over it, reading all of the right-side-up bottle caps.

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