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King Clock

Of all text and image, the clock is king

King Clock rules our lives. It’s a dimension that baffles scientists and ignites the aging process. It’s what controls life on earth.

Humans have set up time with respect to astronomical constants, which have been nailed down with utmost certainty.

Meteorologists predict the weather using time as a variable, flipping dimension from three-space to four. Integrating time into any process makes it complex and unpredictable.

The representation of time in the modern world began with the clock, an aesthetic device. It became a game of counting-by-fives.

The clock today is simply three numbers side-by-side. Just like the pay phone, the round clock has become a dinosaur, wiped out by digital madness.

This clock hangs above a European train station, a lovely piece of sculpture that is on its way out.


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