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old typewriter

An old typewriter made the job of writing harder than it is today.

Here’s some valuable advice about taking pictures. If you see something, best to take the picture the way it is at that moment before you fool around with it.

In the picture above, I wanted to take out the paper so that the typewriter would be by itself. It didn’t work out that way because there were people all around, and I was afraid I’d get in trouble if I messed with it.

Almost two weeks after taking the picture, I decided to look at it close up. I had to laugh because the text typewritten on the paper is funny, very funny.

It shows a stream of conscientiousness that was very in the moment and original–a great play on the traditional typewriter text of “now is the the time for all good men to come to the aid of our country.”

The letters on the paper are interesting to look at because it’s not that often you see the typeface made by a typewriter. To be sure, you can get a typewriter font, but it’s just not the same effect as having a key strike a ribbon of ink, making an impression of the letter on paper.

Now, I’d never want to go back to the typewriter days. Changing ribbons was a pain and it wasn’t uncommon for the keys to stick together when typing really fast.

The sound of the typewriter is also noteworthy. I can remember hearing my mother, who was a writer, typing all day. She was amazingly fast. When she finished with her work, she’d edit it by hand and then retype it. It was a lot of work.

Text in the old days was cumbersome to make and slow. It’s good to be alive today.


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