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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Words that Weld the World’s Woes

It’s protest season from the Arab Lands to Manhattan. Everywhere someone has a gripe. What expresses that gripe best? That’s right–text and image. The text on placards sends mixed messages via the media–CNN and FOX–because they are powerful. Power to coerce, confuse and control. Put a spin on these and you can get dozens of […]

Kieth Haring

Graffiti, or bombing, as it used to be called in the 1960s became an art form in the 1980s with the rise of Keith Haring, the pioneer of graffiti art. The scrawling and drawing on walls, trains, buses and subways used by gangs and artists remains a past time of many young people connected with […]

Are HDR Photography and Surrealism Analogous?

Let’s take a look at HDR photography, the most debated genre of photographic arts. Some say it looks fake; others love it, wanting all of their images to have the look. HDR photography is created by merging images of different exposures. The photographer shoots two or more images, changing the time the shutter remains open […]