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Trend in Social Networking–Text and Image

Just text, anyone?

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Pinterest have brought back an old art from the 1980s. It’s like Barbara Kruger has been born again. We’ve taken a time machine back in time when text was juxataposed with image to send a powerful message.

Hey, take a look at your Facebook page. If it’s like mine, you’ll have dozens of text and image anecdotes, messages that can be poignant, funny, weird, perverse, candid, political and worse.

Text and image is trendy again.

What’s driven people to go text and image crazy? Back in the 1980s there was no Photoshop. Artists like Barbara Kruger had to make collages with prints and paper (among other things). Today, we can load an image into Photoshop or other image processing program and create a text and image masterpiece.

Is your Facebook page filled with these sometimes-twisted and sometimes-hopeful text and image messages?

Cartoons are a part of text and image messages.

Cartoons are a part of text and image messages.


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