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Poker–A Text and Image Classic

jack, queen, king

There is no better example of text and image than a playing card.

Playing cards have been around for a long, long time–since the 9th Century A.D. First used in Asia, then in Europe and the Americas, the cards are commonly associated with poker, one of the most ubiquitous card games around. Now that we’re in the 21st Century poker remains immensely popular as a traditional game on the ground and as a game played online.

The language derived from poker continues to this day and is still evolving as it becomes more popular online. Think king, queen, jack, full house, four-of-a-kind, ante and bluff. What’s more? Even American Airlines, has a new meaning–two aces!

The game of poker has given well-known words multiple meanings: bicycle (refers to a straight), hand, draw, image, nuts (best possible hand) and walking sticks (a pair of 7’s). What words will be next? There are sure to be many (poker app, for example) as the century progresses.

The art of clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts are sprinkled on the cards and, not to forget, the kings, queens and jacks, whose roots stem from European royalty. Think you know where the word “jack” came from? Get this–it used to be an offensive word, perhaps because it’s the lowest ranking of the royal court, a mere knave (male servant) to the Renaissance Brit.

There’s one fact that you can bet on regarding poker–it takes skill and a good deal of thought, not to mention a bit of money.

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