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Words that Weld the World’s Woes

protest costumes

Words that weld the world’s woes.

It’s protest season from the Arab Lands to Manhattan. Everywhere someone has a gripe. What expresses that gripe best?

That’s right–text and image.

The text on placards sends mixed messages via the media–CNN and FOX–because they are powerful. Power to coerce, confuse and control.

Put a spin on these and you can get dozens of dramatic stories that capture emotions like a pet pit bull welcoming a robber. Messages that say:

We won’t pay for their crisis.

Down with this sort of thing.

Where is my vote?

Europe, take some lessons from 9/11.

Exterminate those who slander Islam.

Europe is the cancer; Islam is the answer.

We demand regime change!

Attacking teachers, attacks my future.

Education is not for sale.

Intense messages, to be sure; words that bite.




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