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Text + Image = Graphics

Text and image are combined to create many graphic designs.


I have to say that I really admire graphic designers simply because they have infinite choices in their art. To come up with a focused message using text and image in a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator is not an easy task.

Earlier this year, I had to come up with an idea for the cover of my book, Photography Applications for Cloud Computing. I know I wanted a picture of some clouds for obvious reasons, but I wanted something more.

I remembered that I had used Photoshop to make an image with text overlaid on a photograph in one of my blog posts on Digital Traveler. That’s when I came up with the idea of overlaying text on top of an image of clouds.

Fortunately, when I write books, the graphic designers make the covers. Usually they use one of my images since the books I write are about photography. In the case of the cloud book, an image without clouds and nothing else just wouldn’t do.

The graphic designers, as they usually do, asked me for ideas for the cover. They, too, knew that an image of a lone cloud or a stack of clouds wouldn’t be enough. I let them know that I have just the idea for the cover.

I emailed them some of the topics I discuss in the book (about cloud back-up and storage), and asked if they could superimpose those words in different sizes of the same font over an image of some clouds.

After a few tries, they came up with just the right image–it’s shown above.


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