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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Perfect Storm

  Hurricane Sandy. A perfect storm. Frakenstorm. Super storm. Monster Storm. The serious hurricane that has barreled into the East Coast will be remembered throughout history. The news about the storm is filled with text and images that can tear the heart out of any American. What happened? How could a storm with a warm […]

Caffeine Fix–Conceptual Photography

By the 1960s the golden age of conceptual photography began. From Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup images that contained the text of commercial advertising to Ed Ruscha’s books containing a repetition of similarities of various architectural structures. Today such works are not so much political statements, but personal statements. David Nitsche has been a photographer less […]

The Flashback

Today the flashback is commonly known as being associated with post traumatic stress disorder. Vets come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with sporadic recollections of war felt while in a dissociative state, which can occur at any time replaying the horrific images of bombs exploding, shrapnel propelling and machine guns shooting as if they were back […]

Looking Back at History the Studs Terkel Way

The depiction of a year in text is a powerful journey into history. The image of 1964 brings to mind the history, culture and events that shaped the year. Back in the 20th century, Studs Terkel, envisioned that in the future there should be opportunities to look back at the past. He recorded history in […]

Binders Full of Women

After last night’s debate between Obama and Romney what photographer could resist showing their binders full of women. I have many binders full  of women in them from international females to domestic ones. Yet with all that femininity in these binders that Romney studied, he doesn’t seem to appear, in any way, shape or form, […]