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Advertising and Text and Image

Text and image in an advertisement offers no political message.

There’s a special relationship between text and image and advertising. The two are close counterparts, one propelling the other’s impact. The influence of text and image upon advertising is similar to the relationship of milk to a cow. You get the picture.

While advertising focuses soley on the message, it’s the text and image that conveys it. Text and image are parts of an advertisement. Each part carries an impact. The resulting message is then interpreted by the person looking at it.

Text and image, though, moves beyond the realm of advertising; it crosses the line from advertising to other types of media messages conveyed in every conceivable communication without sound. Sound adds another dimension that changes the message drastically, hence the difference between a newspaper or book verses the television and video.

Finally advertising, according to the Advertising Educational Foundation (a must-visit website for the study of advertising) is “intimately tied to society, culture, history, and the economy — that defies any simple or single definition.” Ditto for text and image.

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