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Binders Full of Women

binders full of women art

Can women place their image in a binder full of women for a Romney cabinet job?

After last night’s debate between Obama and Romney what photographer could resist showing their binders full of women. I have many binders full  of women in them from international females to domestic ones.

Yet with all that femininity in these binders that Romney studied, he doesn’t seem to appear, in any way, shape or form, anti-women. His wife and sons can testify to that.

Blunders aside, who knows what Romney was talking about except that his answer was in reference to pay equality for women.

What we do know is that Romney’s faith attests that women:

1. are underrepresented in The Book of Mormon and other Mormon texts.

2. do have a number of roles from daughters to mothers to working with clothing

3.  conspirators in murder and overthrowing a kingdom, were deceived by the anti-Christ, were prisoners of war and/or were queens.

4. are not included because the Book focuses on the larger world and not so much on the family.

Regardless of all this, women and all other people all are alike unto God.

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