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I ♥ Big Bird, but…

What’s Big Bird got to do with it?

Just about everyone is talking about last night’s first presidential debate of the 2012. The line, “I love Big Bird” was the best one of the night (and the most understandable among the mick mock of the United States national budget.

No digital artist who has a blog about text and image photography could let this one go. To be sure, Romney won the debate hands down, but that doesn’t mean Obama is down and out. With the help of the Big Bird line, he gained ammunition for the campaign trail…few people wants to see the beloved Big Bird and it’s network PBS threatened.

With the help of Photoshop CS 6, a couple of images (one of which was acquired from the video of the debate itself thanks to Mac’s Grab feature) Big Bird gets to be the big star in the photo. (When creating a text and image parody, one must put the item of interest the largest in the image.)

Coordinate the colors, type in the text and put a stamp on the image to show the person (or website) it came from, and you’ve got a text and image treasure to post to your social networking websites.

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