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Mystery House in Alaska

Dolly’s House in Ketchekan, Alaska

Probably the first thought you had when you saw this image is the location of where the shot was taken. Where is this place? What’s with the baby calendar and mismatched flowered wallpaper? And there’s a ringer for a bell, probably to let people in from upstairs.

All the evidence the text provides is written on the calendar hanging on the wall:


The Home of Mother’s Bread



JULY 1941

Sure sounds innocuous enough; but it doesn’t reveal anything about the place except for its location–Ketchikan, Alaska.

Now, there’s some evidence that the place hasn’t been remodeled–ever.

While I was making my rounds around Ketcikan, I was surprised to have found this house, a unique tourist attraction, located first of a row of frame rickety shacks near the seaside. What attracted me to it was a woman in a red dress who appeared to be directing people to come inside.

Then I walked up to it, and after talking to the woman a bit and taking her picture, I was told what it was.

As soon as I found out, I paid the $5 admission fee because I know that the house would be filled with photo ops. My hunch proved correct.

In 1984, The Montreal Gazette reported that the house was a place where “lonely crewman from the fishing fleet–and many of the town’s upstanding citizens frequented her cosy club where a light always shone in the bay window and Dolly’s name was printed in bold letters on the lamp above the door.

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