Text and Image Photography

New Images Photography

Photograhing Words within Words

All these images of words within words were taken in the same place, a playful land children love. My project at the attraction was to photograph a word within a another word in signs posted in one of the most popular places in California to visit.

The words um, exotic, refresh and rest each have meanings nothing to do with the meaning of the text in the original sign. Our eyes see these words, but rarely acknowledge them.

Playing games with words around you by finding and taking images of them can be a great form of entertainment that creates some odd art. Each word comes with a message. The typeface of the words are wild and wacky, leaving viewers puzzled as to where they came from.

Looking at these words leads to a fury of thoughts that are associated with the word’s implications. Consider the feeling you get when you see the word refresh verses the one you get when you see the word depress.

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