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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Text Paints a Picture of Christmas Cuban Style in Words

Text comes in all shapes and forms. From advertisements to newspaper articles and from graphics to literature, text paints a picture in words. No time like the holidays to give you a peek into Christmas Cuban Style from the novel Bienvendio a Miami, my first…   Christmas Eve The sense of taste surrounding the Cuban […]

An Image used as Background in Street Photography

If you’ve looked at different kinds of street photography, street photography that awes, finding an subject/object in that image that contains another  image for the background is not an uncommon occurrence. To get a good image in the background be aware of any large ones around you–posters, murals, billboards, graffiti, and the like. When you […]

Thank You, China, for a Great Trip / 谢谢你精彩的访问中国

Thank you China for a wonderful visit. I’ve been here for three weeks and had a great time visiting your temples, pagodas and caves. All offered fascinating looks into the past, monuments that tell stories of this great land throughout the dynasties. The opportunities to find photographs with text and image were countless. I was […]

Text and Candy in China

China is a paradise of text, image and fine art photography. No where is this more evident of the candy and sweets displayed in a Datong, China store window. While people talk of Beijing and Shanghai as the centers of commerce, in reality, there are dozens of other cities with populations of one million people […]