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Atlantic City Boardwalk Remembered

Monopoly Board attraction as seen in Sept. 2012 before Hurricane Sandy

Will they rebuild this Monopoly Board?

The giant Atlantic City Monopoly board built into the city’s famed boardwalk in Sept. 2011 created a welcoming buzz to Bally’s Casino, which sits behind the game board. It supposedly helped to draw more tourists to Atlantic City, an area of New Jersey that has struggled economically for the past few years because of the increasing number of gambling venues in cities nearby, which have taken away its business.

Hurricane Sandy swept much of the historic boardwalk away on the night of October 28, 2012, sending the piles of the large wooden planks into the ocean. The boardwalk was introduced 142 years ago in 1870 as a resort getaway for the people in the large cities of the northeast.

In Sept. 2011, the Monopoly board and game pieces, playful gems of text, image and sculpture, added a much-needed attraction to Atlantic City. The life-size red hotel game pieces stood along the Monopoly board on the spaces that were most expensive property in the game–Park Place and Boardwalk.

The imagery and sculpture of a life-size board game and game pieces on the boardwalk created a novelty in which people could interact. Adults stopped to nostalgically peer at the game board, recalling their youth. Children ran and played among the game pieces. The game and boardwalk itself are gone now and are surely to be missed.

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