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Signs that Say No Visually in China

Signs that say no

Just back from my China trip–a land enriched with text and images. Chinese text (or should I say symbols) is fascinating; their signage indicating forbidden behaviors are just as interesting. The signs that say no visually  are similar to those in the United States. You don’t have to know how to read to figure out what they mean.

The only difference in these types of signs is that the Chinese have many more of these symbols than the United States and other Western countries have, some of which are a challenge to decode. While I only found this sign with many symbols saying no in Beijing, there are other signs with one or two symbols similar to the ones you see here in every city.

Take a look at each one. Please tell what you think each one means or if you’re unsure of the meaning of one or more of them, say so.

I’ll begin: I pretty much can figure out all of them except I’m not sure about the hand over the water. Maybe it means keep your hands out of the water, but I can’t recall if the sign was near water.

Final question: Are there any you feel that are missing, possibly because Eastern culture is different than Western?

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