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Thank You, China, for a Great Trip / 谢谢你精彩的访问中国

A message from Buddah, which means peace.

Thank you China for a wonderful visit. I’ve been here for three weeks and had a great time visiting your temples, pagodas and caves. All offered fascinating looks into the past, monuments that tell stories of this great land throughout the dynasties.

The opportunities to find photographs with text and image were countless. I was impressed with both the old and new–old brick cities behind historic walls to some of the most unique modern architecture in the world with messages of harmony everywhere.

The Buddhist tradition here in China is centuries years old, and you have preserved it flawlessly, creating easy access to most shrines at very reasonable prices.

At the same time, you have built new modern complexes that meld the old with the new, tantalizing the five senses:

I heard stringed instruments that I didn’t know existed.

I saw your efficient use of space and newly constructed high-rise apartment buildings to house your people.

I touched the polished surfaces of unique jade sculptures.

I heard the tranquil sounds of the Buddhist chants in the temples.

I smelled the sizzling, unique food, freshly cooked on giant grills in the street markets–squid, scorpions, and pork, the later being the best I’ve ever tasted.

Finally, you move your billion-plus masses with precision. Your trains are fast and on-time. The traffic, while heavy, always seems to move. And the accomodations you offer are modern and staffed with many helpful people.

Thank you, again, China.



谢谢你精彩的访问中国。我在这里已经三个星期,过得很愉快,访问您的庙宇、 佛塔和洞穴。所有提供迷人长相成过去,讲故事的整个朝代这伟大土地的古迹。
















我闻到的铁板、 独特的食物,新鲜熟的巨人在街头市场 — — 鱿鱼、 蝎子和猪肉,后来被我尝过的最好放在烤架上。


最后,您移动精度与您十几亿人民群众。你的火车是快速、 准时。交通,虽然沉重,似乎总是移动。您提供的 accomadations 是现代和人员配备与很多有帮助的人。


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