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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Programmatic Architecture Reveals Three Dimensional Advertising Concept

Programmatic architecture (also called mimetic or novelty architecture) is a text-and-image aficionado’s dream building. The three-dimensional advertisement that most mimetic architecture is constructed for, is laden with text–messages that sell a product or a service. From giant donuts to car wash ships (one pictured above), the novelty of seeing buildings shaped like familiar objects or […]

Car with Text

Finding a vehicle with text on it isn’t challenging. From cars with advertisements to cars with names of businesses attached to the ubiquitous taxi in every city known to man, the messages attached can be colorful, clever and fun. Finding a car with letters all over it is rare. There is no indication of what […]

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are the second voice of humanity. They’re like giving a vehicle a voice. They have a political orientation, left or right. They sell candidates for government offices, and they offer a little bit of on-the-road entertainment. Consider: United States Zombie Hunting Permit Music Tool Loud Call 1-800-Eat $hit Warning: I Do Stupid Things […]