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Bob Hope in Drag

1950s text and image remain very popular today

One might not argue with the fact that one of the most popular memories of text and image is from the 1950s. The style remains immensely popular today.

In one poster for the movie The Lemon Drop Kid, Bob Hope is shown in drag, appearing quite matter-of-factly (yes that’s a word in the dictionary, believe it or not) quite satisfied with him/herself.

The text is oh-so-1950s, the colors, just wicked retro and the theme, well…should I say lemon-droppy.

With all due respect for the era, the fact that people want to make images like this today is simply mind-blowing. The Internet is filled with free 1950s fonts, free clip art, and not-so-free clip art (The microstock outlets are fooling you when you type in free images; you bet they’ll cost you!)

Before you jump on the time machine back to the future, keep in mind one thing: for many it’s a time when your great-grandmother and great-grandfather partied like it was 1999.

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