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Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers on an old bus in Alaska

Bumper stickers are the second voice of humanity. They’re like giving a vehicle a voice. They have a political orientation, left or right. They sell candidates for government offices, and they offer a little bit of on-the-road entertainment.


United States Zombie Hunting Permit

Music Tool Loud Call 1-800-Eat $hit

Warning: I Do Stupid Things

Girls Like Guns Too

Buckle Up I Want To Try Something

Save a Cow Eat A Vegetarian Bumper Sticker

How Is My Driving Call 1-800-WHO-CARES

Finally, one can’t leave a conversation about bumper stickers without mentioning the dysfunctional family stick-figure cut-outs. This one is insane: Dad has a gun to his head; mom one liquor bottle in each hand, sis pregnant, and bro showing the finger.

The image of the bus above contains a bumper sticker that states: Build A Community Not More Roads. Now, now, what in the world can that mean. Any guesses?

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